Head's welcome

Welcome to Indian Institute of Homoeopathy If you have found your way to our website, you are a seeker. Surveying the Homoeopathic educational landscape these days often requires the skill of an experienced navigator and the courage of an ancient mariner, a willingness to take the risks inherent in exploring uncertain shorelines.
What are we seeking? Succinctly put, we seek the “the dignity and recognition of Homoeopathy and Homoeopath which they really deserve”. What are you seeking?

You are looking for an institute where excellence is anticipated and is defined as supporting each student in his or her efforts to do their very best, an expected resource which will engender all that competence confident to become esteemed and successful Homoeopaths. If it is so then you have steered in the right direction.

In today’s scenario excellence is what homeo-world is striving for. Therefore we set our standards high, our expectations strong and we provide personal support along the way. Through our highly selective training program we encourage critical inquiry, creative exploration and independent thinking, which also define our educational focus. IIH is about options and opportunities. Outstanding faculties with excellent facilities are our assets.

Through this training program IIH has tried to share a significant responsibility of generating competent and confident Homoeopaths and this passion for the profession is inherent for us. Therein lies the essential fuel for our endeavor—the energy that comes from synergy. IIH is about change and growth, about inspiration as well as perspiration. For those seeking educational excellence and ultimately professional success as Homoeopath, for those willing to accept the responsibility to serve not only sick humanity but also divine Homoeopathy and for those looking at Homoeopathic profession from a different point of view, welcome home.

Dr. Rahmi Shukla.
Indian Institute of Homoeopathy