Basic Module

This basic module is tailor made for interns and B. H. M. S. graduates who are yet to get that competence and confidence to practice homoeopathy successfully.
This exclusive training program covers some very important topics which are not covered in your class room teaching or internship training program. All these points would be very well explained by case based training.
  • Patient handling (since the majority of the patients encountered have psychosomatic problems)
  • Building up rapport with patient.
  • Understanding the psychodynamics of the case.
  • Psychodynamics of different disease conditions.
  • Special emphasis on clinical evaluation and clinical examination.
  • Understanding how to apply rubrics of mind.
  • Computer repertorisation with Hompath and Radar.
  • How to give counseling to the patients.
  • How to apply homoeopathy in critical care and psychiatric cases.
  • Easy tips for building up attitude and confidence of successful practitioner.
  • Special counseling for developing positive mind set to be successful.